rinf.tech support & relief measures for Ukraine

We’ve gathered here the main ways in which you can contribute in helping our colleagues and all the people from Ukraine through these difficult times.

Thank you for getting involved. It is very important to stay together, focused on finding solutions as a communit. Decide on how you can bring your contribution by going through the information on each tab and stay in touch with your HRBP for more details.

A handful of our people are delivering outstanding work flying high grades through testing and audits – from Kiev – the capital under siege. We feel solidarity with them and we salute their courage and bravery. Our administrative operations were temporary relocated from Kiev to Lviv and cross border in order to cope with BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and servicing promise we have made to customers.

Your donation will be transformed into basic necessities products and transported to the Romanian Border Siret.

We work with APPEE, and an independent NGO from Suceava.

Facebook – Asociatia Pentru Promovarea Educatiei Elementare

Direct donations: @ Bank Account RO11INGB0000999906637744 opened at Stefan Cel Mare Suceava ING Branch, in the name of Cristina Elena Boca authorized partner of APPEE. Please mention Ukraine/Ucraina

Also, other accounts for direct donations: 




Your donation will save the lives of Ukrainian war victims.

Mention at the donation point that you want your donated blood to be directed towards Ukraine.

Centers: Download PDF – Adresele si programul de lucru pentru donatori ai Centrelor de Transfuzie Sanguina din Romania

All donated products can be taken to the nearest donation center or to rinf.tech HQ (Bucharest or Timisoara).

From that point we will coordinate with the local volunteers to send them directly to a crossing point/Ukraine.


Products & supplies as we understand they need them at the crossing point:

  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Warm clothes (gloves, socks, sweaters, winter jackets, raincoats)
  • Thermos, cutlery, food recipients
  • Non-perishable food for immediate consumption (especially everything that is canned) & baby food
  • Water & tea boxes
  • Power banks and chargers


Medical supplies only products that can be bought without a prescription

  • Paracetamol I Aspirina I Nurofen
  • Betadina I Apa oxigenata I Rivanol
  • Bandages & Patches


Hygiene products 

  • Wipes & napkins
  • Diapers
  • Shower gel I Toothpaste & toothbrush I Deodorants


Useful link: ONG-urile românești și internaționale prezente la granițe prin care poți să ajuți eficient Ucraina – Familia Hai Hui 

Housing from Romanian rinf.tech colleagues available for our Ukrainian colleagues’ families, coming to/transiting Romania.

For further details about the accommodation you can provide you will be contacted by HRBP.

Get involved by taking over tasks from our Ukrainian colleagues, for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

In the next days we will come back with a list of activities and tasks you can choose from. In the meantime, you can send your availability (hours/ week & main tech stack).

Open roles ensuring business continuity of the projects delivered from Ukraine.

Any referral will help us bring more business and fuel us with more power to support on the long run the actions for Ukrainian rinf.tech colleagues and their families.

Ukrainian/Russian speakers wanted.

Translate from Ukrainian/Russian into either English or Romanian to help people coming from Ukraine that don’t speak other languages.

Want to help?

Let’s talk.